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An Ayurvedic way to naturally whiten skin at home - Roop Mantra

Ayurveda is one of the best alternatives of the chemically synthesized cosmetics and make ups. According to Ayurveda, Skin has seven layers which get nutrition from masha dathu (muscle tissue). Skin is known as the updhathu (secondary product) of the rakhtdathu (blood), as it only mimic the dhatu’s in beholding the body. Skin works as a mirror of the rakhatdathu and Rasdhatu (blood cell plasma). There are various types of cosmetics and makeup’s present which contain harsh chemicals. These types of treatment can’t do anything to skin if your skin is unhealthy from inner side. Other cause of skin darkening can be excess sun exposure, melanin coagulation, pollution. But your skin coloration can be lightened with the help of some Ayurvedic remedies or treatment. Ayurveda has a broad spectrum of herbs and ointments which can be helpful in lighten the skin. Here are some remedies which can be used at home.

Yogurt is one of the best tan removal home remedy which is used to lighten the skin from tan. Gentle application f yogurt helps to tighten your pores.
To Use yogurt, take a cup of yogurt and add juice of tomato and cucumber in it. Mix this mixture thoroughly and then add ½ cup of besan. After this, blend this gently. Now apply it on tanned area to get rid of tan. 

Cucumber is known for its soothing and cooling effect. It helps in restoration of the natural properties of the skin. Cucumber works synergistically as the anti-oxidant. There are various methods to apply the cucumber on the skin. But it is very important here to use cucumber with right ingredients and quantity. It is very difficult to make lepas or face pack. Instead of them, you can use Roop Mantra Ayurvedic face wash or cream as it contain the balanced amount of ingredients which you can easily used in daily routine. You can easily pick them in your pockets. 

Aloe Vera:
If you want to whiten your skin quickly then Roop mantra cream is only solution. Apply Roop mantra cream enriched with Aloe-vera, coucumber, ocimum sanctum, prunus glydus and many more herbs. It helps to refreshing, revitalizing, nourishing your skin naturally. If you want an Ayurvedic ointment which has Aloe-vera than Roop mantra is right choice for you.

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